Labor law

Labor law


From the employment contract to the warning, the termination, the change notice, the termination agreement, short-time work or questions about the limitation of the employment contract, a non-competition clause, the executive employee, the parental leave or other topics in labor law, we are at your side in all questions about labor law.

In an initial consultation you will already be informed whether it is worthwhile to engage a lawyer and what chances of success can be expected. We will explain to you the next steps, deadlines to be observed, costs, the possibility of applying for legal aid and the conditions for your legal expenses insurance to cover the costs, if available. We will gladly take over the correspondence with your legal protection insurance for you.

We represent employees, employers, works councils and managing directors. You will benefit from this experience when it comes to assessing the behavior of the other party and including it in your own tactical considerations. We conduct negotiations for you, represent you out of court or in court, advise you in the background or examine individual legal issues. Negotiating skills, negotiating confidence and a great deal of experience are the hallmarks of our law firm in the field of employment law.

Please bring the following documents to the first consultation appointment, if available:

          • employment contract
          • current pay slip
          • correspondence concerning the employment relationship
            • notice of termination
            • warning
            • reference
          • Contact data (in particular insurance number) of any existing legal protection insurance