Inheritance tax

Inheritance tax


Connecting generations, securing assets and avoiding disputes.


From a tax point of view, timely consideration of one's own will in combination with an anticipated transfer offers the optimum opportunity to take advantage of tax allowances.

Comprehensive forward-looking planning in the form of drawing up a will must always identify all tax risks and burdens and minimize these in the specific situation by means of life-time arrangements (asset transfers). This applies in particular to shares in partnerships and real estate.

Inheritance and gift tax law affects all areas of wealth in our lives. It therefore makes sense to deal with this issue in good time, i.e. during your lifetime.


Our inheritance tax and gift tax consulting services include:

          • Taxation of the transfer of assets and the tax consequences
          • Possibilities of using tax exemptions and allowances
          • Valuation of real estate and companies
          • Tax structuring options through disposition upon death
          • Tax-forming gifts in the family network
          • Succession advice for entrepreneurs
          • Execution of wills to enforce the last will and testament
          • Mediation in the context of generational conflict


We are happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on any aspect of generational succession.
In this regard, we are support in the following points:

          • Company safeguarding
          • Transfer of business
          • Settlement of inheritance
          • Design and tax optimization of business transfers
          • Restructuring and conversion
          • Foundation