Foundation consulting

Foundation consulting


Basically, company founders always face the same legal issues as established companies. In the start-up phase, however, the founders' focus is often on completely different tasks such as product, strategy, personnel or marketing.

However, it pays off in the long run to have the legal issues under control right from the start. A solid basis provides security for the development of the company and allows founders to concentrate on their actual business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a private individual, an international corporation or a local start-up - we will take care of your concerns. In addition, we can support you with our experience in many other areas of law.

We are experienced in supporting founders and are very familiar with all processes from company formation to exit.


You can rely on our expertise in these areas, among others:

          • Concept analysis
          • Founding vehicles and possibilities
          • Company structure
          • Notarization support
          • Financing rounds
          • Receivables management
          • Contract law

We take a lot of time for a thorough consultation and are happy to accompany you on the path of your development.