Successful debt collection costs time and resources in your company. We offer you flexible solutions for all areas of receivables management - tailored to your needs, of course. With our service modules, we work with you to determine the approach that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Our goal is to realize your receivables quickly and cost-effectively.


Enclosed you will find an overview of our services for you, whereby you can rely on our expertise in these subject areas, among others:


Reminder, collection

Many debtors make immediate payment as soon as they receive a reminder from our law firm. As a rule, the debtor has to bear the costs of the reminder. To achieve our goal, we also call or seek contact via social media platforms.


Dunning proceedings, legal proceedings

In order to titulate the claim, we carry out the judicial dunning procedure or - in the case of disputed claims - sue for the claims. With the enforcement order or court judgment, the claim can then be compulsorily collected.



If the debtor does not pay, the debt can be enforced. The account and salary can be seized, a compulsory security mortgage can be entered in the case of real estate, or a statement of assets must be submitted. We know what to do!