Based on many years of experience, our law firm prepares penalty-exempt voluntary disclosures in the entire field of tax law and also offers a complete solution in individual cases. The subject of the notification can be:

          • untaxed income from foreign bank accounts
          • non-taxed income from foreign custody accounts and life insurance policies
          • income from self-employment or business activity
          • sales taxes
          • incorrectly calculated income-related expenses or business expenses
          • untaxed income from renting or leasing real estate
          • untaxed income from lectures and medical activities


A voluntary disclosure is always the beginning of coming clean with your circumstances, regardless of whether you already face a certain initial suspicion by the authorities or not. We advise you competently in criminal law as well as in tax law and are experienced and proven both in dealing with and obtaining as well as preparing the often extensive numerical material.

We will assert your interests even in difficult cases. Contact us and we will be happy to clarify your questions in an initial consultation.

In the case of a voluntary disclosure, the goal is always to obtain immunity from prosecution on the one hand and to have taxes assessed correctly on the other, while at the same time protecting your assets. Furthermore, a voluntary disclosure also changes your personal situation - use the chance to settle and let experienced lawyers advise you and do not wait until the opening of criminal tax proceedings.