Tax returns

Tax returns


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For most of our clients, contacts with the tax authorities are not exactly among their favorite acquaintances. Exactly at this point, where the fun stops for you, the desire to act begins for us. For us, the implementation of all tax returns that arise is both a challenge and a motivation. Especially when it comes to redefining your scope of action.

On the basis of the tax balance sheets or profit determinations we carry out, we prepare all legally required declarations for companies with different legal forms as well as for private individuals.
Our structuring advice evaluates your entrepreneurial plans and decisions by examining all tax aspects in detail.


Among other things, we prepare the following tax returns for you, and our range of services includes the following areas:

          • Income tax
          • Corporate income tax
          • Trade tax
          • Value added tax
          • Statement of assets
          • Property tax
          • Property valuation
          • Gift tax
          • Inheritance tax
          • Real estate transfer tax
          • Other taxes
          • Determination of private capital gains (speculative gains)
          • Declaration of tax assessment
          • Wage tax reduction application
          • Capital gains tax filing
          • Tax assessment audit