Criminal defense

Criminal defense


Every mandate, whether small or large proceedings, means a great responsibility for us. No case is the same and in every criminal case an individual strategy is required, aligned with the interests of our clients.

Once we have inspected the files, we inform each client comprehensively about the existing chances of defense. In doing so, we do not gloss over the situation, but give you a realistic picture; conversely, we will not dramatize anything. You specify the goal of the defense and we will work out a strategy with you on how to achieve this goal.


Here, the following goals could be considered:

          • Discontinuation in the preliminary proceedings, i.e. prevention of a main hearing
          • Acquittal or discontinuation of proceedings after charges have been brought
          • Lenient punishment, no entry in the criminal record
          • Achievement of a suspended sentence
          • Challenging a verdict by way of appeal or revision


It does not matter to us whether they believe themselves to be guilty. Even then, an acquittal defense can be a realistic goal.

Of course, we benefit from our experience in every case. On the other hand, no two cases are exactly alike, which is why we always work with you to design an individual defense strategy. Throughout the proceedings, we will keep you informed and explain the procedures to you.

What always applies is the exclusive commitment to the client, hard work in the matter, absolute confidentiality and honesty in the client relationship.