Activities for companies

We support you in all matters concerning the foundation, daily administration and, if necessary, liquidation of your business. This includes, for example, the preparation of the act of incorporation, the handling of all formalities, all aspects of bookkeeping and accounting, the annual and balance sheet closings as well as all issues of business transformation and transfer.

We also support you  with regard to the issues arising from an expansion of the activity beyond the border.


We can advise you on all aspects of personnel administration, both from a practical and legal point of view. We will assist you in all questions and difficulties that may arise between the time an employee joins your company and the time he or she leaves.

We support you in the area of international mobility and the posting of employees, in questions of immigration law, the fulfillment of necessary formalities in the sending country, the necessary adaptations of the employment contract up to the structuring of the remuneration on the basis of the applicable tax and social security agreements.